Elemant 3d v1.5(升级版)官方发布

Elemant 3d v1.5官方公告

昨天Andrew Kramer在其网站上发表了一篇题为“Elemant 3d v1.5官方公告”(Element 3D V1.5 Official Announcement!)的文章,指出Elemant 3d v1.5将会在下周为客户免费升级。其中的升级包含了一些新的功能和修复了一些bug,其中的一个新功能就是实时的辉光(glow)渲染引擎的升级,其渲染效果要比AE本身的glow特效还要真实还要快速,另外还开发了用户自定义的轴心点系统和提升了工作流程。另外AK还透露E3D 1.5将会包含很多新的功能和一个叫做METROPOLITAN的建筑模型包一并发布,敬请期待,另外Elemant 3d 2.0也将会在今年发布!

PS:个人希望Element 3d V1.5的新功能包含1.可以直接读取AI文件;2.挤出、倒角得属性支持关键帧动画。3.E3D内部的环境贴图和灯光属性和外部一样,不用每次都要到外部再做调整。

Element 3d v1.5

Element 3d 1.5

I’m excited to announce that ELEMENT 3D V1.5 will be available next week as a FREE update to customers! This update will include cool new features, enhancements and some bug fixes! One of the new features is our Real-Time Glow engine that allows you to add glow directly to illuminated materials or even image highlights. It’s extremely fast and offers even more realistic results than just using the standard Glow Plug-in.  We have also developed a custom Anchor Point control system and impressive workflow enhancements.

OK, Before I go on… this update will unfortunately not be featuring 3D Shadows but we KNOW this is a top feature and are confident it will be available in V2 later this year (we’ll get to that later).  We are really working hard on it! Creating OpenGL shadows is not a trivial thing but we are experimenting with several innovative & hybrid solutions.

That doesn’t mean we haven’t been killing ourselves to make Element 3D the most powerful plug-in in the world and we know only way to do that is to keep adding features and improving the tool-set.

PLUS, we still have many new features to announce for Version 1.5 along with our massive Skyscraper and Building Pack called METROPOLITAN so stay tuned!