Mocha Pro v5.1.1 MACOSX WIN 官方原版(含破解文件)下载

mocha 5

mocha Pro 5启动界面

mocha pro 5.1.1 build 12660

Mocha Pro 5.1.1 build 12660

Mocha Pro 5.1.1下载




Mocha Pro 5.1.1破解

PC:复制破解文件“bsc.dll”到对应的安装目录下替换原来的即可,例如:D:\Program Files\Imagineer Systems Ltd\mocha Pro V5\bin\


Mocha Pro 5.1.1新功能介绍

mocha Pro 5.1.1 is a patch update containing performance improvements and defect fixes, along with some Python improvements.

New Features:

  • Improved GPU Tracker
  • Improved Remove Performance, particularly for clean plate usage.
  • You can now set preferences with Python using a Settings API
  • Python and scripts now accept arguments to turn on and off frame buffers
  • Other Python API improvements (see Python Guide and mocha Python reference).

Fixed Issues:

  • DE4785 Mocha can now be activated on recent hardware
  • DE4768 There is no longer a crash when exporting Lens data to a file
  • DE4759 GPU Tracking works for “Auto Channel”
  • DE4753 GPU Tracker now works on on supported Pascal GPUs
  • DE4718 GPU tracking now supports all image dimensions
  • DE4636 GPU and CPU trackers now behave similarly in textureless regions
  • DE4617 Labels on Nuke nodes now remain readable for the session if you go between apps while tracking is in progress
  • DE4468 You can now remove mesh point keyframes
  • DE4445 Values for Clip.get_info is no longer empty on reopening a project
  • DE4251 Autosave is now disabled while running a Python script in the script editor.
  • DE3825 Layers with non-Latin characters now paste correctly to Fusion.
  • DE3104 There were stability issues using the Python API on linux without first importing QtCore.