Cinema 4d 帮助文件英文原文用词错误及中文翻译用词不当

什么是包括时间线水印?相信很多朋友在使用C4D的输出合成的时候都会遇到这个问题,时间线我们懂,水印我们也懂,但时间线水印我们就不懂了,不懂我们就应该看帮助文件啊,这是Cinema 4D的一大特色功能啊,于是右键点击帮助文件后发现英文名称为Include Timeline Marker,这时我就恍然大悟了,原来是包括时间线标记的意思,这是一个翻译的问题。


Include Timeline Marker

If you have set Marker in the Timeline, these will be included in the compositing file, including their names.



c4d 包含时间线水印截图

c4d 包含时间线水印

另外在查阅C4D导出到AE合成,也就是C4D与AE的交互时发现英文原文的帮助文件也有语法用词上的错误。在“CINEMA 4D – After Effects Integration”目录下的“Setting up the 3D Scence in CINEMA 4D”目录下的“Important tags that work well together in compositing”页面的帮助说明

Primarily used to define various render settings, this tag also lets you assign an Buffer ID to the object in question. This lets you integrate the object into up to 12 different Object Buffers. The Buffer ID’s themselves can be modified, letting you add any number of Object Buffers to a scene, of which a single object can belong to 12. For our example, activate the Object Buffer number 9. When the scene is rendered, this Object Buffer will create its own alpha channel the matches the object exactly and also takes into account the passing space ship, masking it correctly. In addition, add a Compositing tag to the “Billboard_Surface” object and enable the Object Buffer number 8.



其中的“the matches the”是否应该改为“that matches the”?